About us


Whitelabel Omni Channel is an enabling technology aimed to empower businesses into the new age. The power of a commercial platform without huge expenditure is now a reality. There will be no need for huge IT budgets and elongated NPV calculations. The simple truth is a rental of a Multi Tiered Platform that comes standard with all business functionality, purchase, payment, fulfillment , Multi Vendor Dashboards, Multi directed orders, CRM systems, Commission calcs on vendors, Delivery based on technicalites such as GPS, Multi single location and central location. There are voucher systems, automated opening and closing of stores and much more.



Founded by Hassen Kajee who is a seasoned entrepreneur, speaker and an executive consultant with specific focus on strategy and research. Hassen also on occasion guest lectures at the University of Stellenbosh business school on strategy execution & Retail. He holds an Executive MBA with focus on strategy, internationalization and statistical modelling with specific reference to digital and the future of digital. Hassen also has a Bachelor of commerce in Corporate Finance, Finance, Economics, Economics of Africa and Marketing with Advanced diplomas and diplomas in finance. Hassen’s experience ranges from setting up the Fifa World cup in South Africa, 8+ years within the FMCG environment, setup of many digital disruptor transformation empowerment platforms within Tourism, food, cloud malls and cleaning, featured in Fast company magazine and SABC 3 and ran physical retail businesses. Focused and determined, Hassen is a leader that embodies action , drive , ambition and execution. The key drivers to success of any venture lies within the qualities of proactive and knowactive execution. Coming from a strong background of research, and understanding market forces, Hassen as a leader is able to drive people to delivering results that creates value within their lives and the lives of others. The only walls that anyone has is within themselves, and since these are mind walls, they are easier to break down. This is why everyone is able to execute value with leadership that directs healthy mindsets. This is the foundation belief that Hassen embodies in every project that he undertakes.







The White labelled Omni Channel Marketplace product being proposed caters for a multi vendor management system(each seen as cloud warehouses), managed by each vendor within each vendors own dashboard. This means that each vendor will have their own Database of orders, information about customers and all information about items ordered and the frequency of the items being ordered, all vendors within one platform. The dashboard will allow for the store to be opened and closed automatically at specific times, for a list of all complete orders, orders that need to be paid for. The Dashboard allows the vendor to add items into the special highlighted categories.