Empowering Omni Channel Retail



Whitelabel Omni Channel is an enabling technology aimed to empower businesses into the new age. The

power of a commercial platform without huge expenditure is now a reality. There will be no need

for huge IT budgets and elongated NPV calculations. The simple truth is a rental of a Multi Tiered Platform

that comes standard with all business functionality, purchase, payment, fulfillment , Multi Vendor Dashboards , Multi directed orders, CRM systems, Commission calcs on vendors, Delivery based on

technicalites such as GPS, Multi single location and central location. There are voucher systems, automated

opening and closing of stores and much more.


The system has been tested and is in operation within many business models. We have a three tiered

customer system.



1. Commercial Multi includes Corporates and Malls


2. Non Commercial Multi includes Marketplace entrepreneurs


3. Standard E-commerce includes standard ecommerce functionality



Our Focused and dedicated team will produce your rental with your provided content, included with training

and training videos.


There are no copy and paste modules, the whole platform is one interconnected chain with a unique



All platform rentals include hosting. All you do is wait for 2 days and Boom, Power your business or business

idea to the next level.


All commercial platforms are hosted on a cloud dedicated server to manage power usage

All non commercial platforms are shared hosted.


Changing market conditions with hovering consumer demand requires the advent of innovative solutions and

strategies within a fast paced changing environment. The NPV factor of investing in large IT projects always

comes with uncertainty. The nature of the tested white labelled platform allows a relaxed and low risk view of

the innovation to the strategy allowing a faster route to market, relaxed terms, a powerful foundation platform

with a unique backbone and a team to help manage and guide the process.









The White labelled Omni Channel Marketplace.



 The White labelled Omni Channel Marketplace product being proposed caters for a multi vendor

management system(each seen as cloud warehouses), managed by each vendor within each vendors own

dashboard. This means that each vendor will have their own Database of orders, information about

customers and all information about items ordered and the frequency of the items being ordered, all vendors

within one platform. The dashboard will allow for the store to be opened and closed automatically at specific

times, for a list of all complete orders, orders that need to be paid for. The Dashboard allows the vendor to


add items into the special highlighted categories. 


The software has 3 dashboards which are interconnected with emails.


Vendor – Each Vendor has control and access to all their products, order information, sale information, blog

information and more


Shopper – Each shopper has access to monitor all products that they purchased


Delivery – If delivery is included as part of the service, there is a whole delivery management system built in

that is based on GPS and inter-province delivery.