Corporate Cloud Stores




Many Corporate retail companies utilise the power of E-commerce with fulfillment being subjected to a nearby Store. The idea of an Omni Channel direct from store purchase where a customer can shop the store direct is an ideology that will fit with the co-herent nature that retail is taking today, this is the Omni channel environment.


Stores conduct their business, utilise the power of Digital media and point to a central commercial platform that manages each store seperately within the same platform with consumers being able to search the closest store within their specified live location, thereby allowing a reframing effect of your retail environment into on online multi location wharehouse.


The White labelled Omni Channel Marketplace.

The White labelled Omni Channel Marketplace product being proposed caters for a multi vendor management system(each seen as cloud warehouses), managed by each vendor within each vendors own dashboard. This means that each vendor or store will have their own Database of orders, information about customers and all information about items ordered and the frequency of the items being ordered, all vendors within one platform. The dashboard will allow for the store to be opened and closed automatically at specific times, for a list of all complete orders, orders that need to be paid for. The Dashboard allows the vendor to add items into the special highlighted categories.